What is One Load of Laundry?




  • Melissa Stauffer

    i have a few complaints. One, your jugs seem flimsy, cheap, and appear to leak at the top when pouring. 2. There is no way I got 50 loads from this jug. We are a family of 5, me and 4 boys.  3. It would be nice to be able to see the fill lines on the outside of the jugs and on the inside of the caps.  4. It appears I had to sign up for reoccuring to be able to buy products and I do not like this.  5. I would prefer to just order when needed but your web site is not the friendlies to manuver around. 6. Very hard to find where to write a review or find reviews to read. 

    Have not yet used on my sons farm clothes which have the strong smell of hog stinch. So am curious to see if this works on them.

    I do love the smell of your products for our regular laundry and am willing to keep trying for a while to see what happens.

    Melissa S.

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  • Michelle Moore

    Totally agree with Melissa S on the containers and the "subscription" requirement.

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  • Robing7

    AGREE with Melissa

    1- Wash/Rinse bottles leak all over when pouring into machine.

    2- Obvious FILL lines for mixing would be great. Can see thru some of the bottles.

    3- Just my opinion but...I LOVE the Dryer Angel concept and supporting the women. I have purchased a few of them for friends. The issue is, as much as I LOVE the Truly Free Signature Scent, the Dryer Angel Fragrance smells more synthetic and completely changes the fragrance on the drying clothes. Don't like it at all and hoping for a fragrance change on the Dryer Angels.  Thankyou. :-)

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  • Michelle

    I agree about the bottles, though I think I figured out how to keep them from leaking. I am very careful of how I shake in the mix to not get the liquid above the lid.

    As far as the subscription thing. I don’t think their is a problem at all. You can change the order processing day any time and you can choose 30, 60 or 90 day renewals. If you subscribe to receive texts when your subscription is about to process you can decide then if you want to change it. Subscriptions often allow for great deals and discounts. I like subscriptions, just have to manage them.

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